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New Boeing facility could open opportunities for professionals with security clearance per NISPOM

Boeing-Run Firm to Open U.S. Navy Service Facility in Ohio

An East Central Ohio facility operated by Boeing is planning to open a U.S. Navy facility, on top of its already existing service for the U.S. Air Force, according to a published report.

A 14,000-square foot upgrade to the site in the city of Heath at the Central Ohio Aerospace and Technology Center will run roughly $4 million to establish the Navy Trident Navigation System, the official site for modifying and repairs, according to the Newark Advocate. The expansion is likely to create career opportunities and defense jobs, per the mandate of NISPOM.

"The employees here, they get it," president Roger Krone with Boeing Network and Space Systems told the news source. "They are highly skilled people who've been doing it for decades. You have to have a mentality that everything matters. It's a DNA they have about accuracy and precision."

Boeing shuttered its plant in California to bring its operation to Heath as part of a drive to slash expenses, he said.

Argon ST, a Boeing subsidy that will perform the work, is confident about its prospects, a vice president told Defence Professionals.

Raytheon could add professionals with security clearance under NISPOM for new FAA contract

Raytheon Tapped for Extension of FAA Contract

The Raytheon Company was awarded an extension of a contract to serve the Federal Aviation Administration with navigation services based on satellites, according to a press release.

With a duration of two years, the extension is valued at $30.1 million and is for the Wide Area Augmentation System. The territorial region covered by WAAS includes the continental United States, Alaska, Canada and Mexico and the contract extension runs through late September of next year.

"Raytheon has been the FAA's prime contractor for WAAS since the system was commissioned for operational use in the United States in 2003," Raytheon vice president Michael Prout said. "The contract marks another milestone in the continuing partnership between Raytheon and the FAA to improve safety and efficiency for pilots."

The contract to continue serving the FAA could create career additional opportunities for people holding top secret security clearance, per the mandate of NISPOM.

WAAS enhances the capacities of GPS to drive the performance of air navigation and safety requirements for various guidance operations, such as en route, terminal and non-precision approach.

General Dynamics could add professionals with security clearance under NISPOM

FAA Awards 10-Year Contract to General Dynamics

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration tapped General Dynamics for a 10-year contract to supply radios that ease communication between commercial and military aircraft, according to a press release.

The contract, which has a potential value of $363 million should all options be exercised, aims to enable air traffic control throughout the National Airspace System.

"This contract continues General Dynamics' long-standing ability to deliver highly reliable, technologically advanced air traffic control radios to the FAA," president Chris Marzilli with General Dynamics C4 Systems said. "As the nation's airspace gets increasingly crowded, these radios have the built-in flexibility to accommodate the growing demand for high-quality, dependable ground-to-air communications."

The company was granted an initial award of $6 million so that it may qualify the radios for operation within airspace system. The contract is part of the Next Generation Air-Ground Communications Segment 2 program, the FAA's effort to use radios that are more technologically modern.

The contract could present opportunities for professionals holding security clearance under NISPOM.

Duluth will see a large number of aircraft maintenance come to town.

200-plus aircraft maintenance jobs set to land in Duluth

An aerospace, government and defense industry provider is set to pitch its tent in the lakes region of Minnesota, and more than 200 career opportunities are likely to open, according to a published report.

WDIO reports AAR vice president Danny Martinez and Don Ness, mayor of Duluth, affixed their signatures to a letter of intent that will bring the company to town and create many defense jobs per the mandate of NISPOM.

"It is a great day in Duluth.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and we have an announcement to bring over 200 jobs to the city of Duluth," the mayor said at a Tuesday press conference.

More than 12 months of extensive work went into bringing the company to town, including background probing, a study of the labor market and research into the region and state's talent pool. The company plans to move into the Northwest Airlines Maintenance facility.

The Duluth News Tribune reports the pay for the jet aircraft maintenance jobs that will be coming to town ranges from $30,000 to $80,000 per year.

CSC could employ professionals with security clearance under NISPOM for new Navy contract

Arm of Navy Taps CSC with Contract to Provide Streaming Video as a Service

CSC was tapped by the U.S. Navy with a contract to provide streaming video as a service, according to a press release.

With a maximum potential value of $874 million over a five-year span, the contract issued by the U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command is for unmanned aerial systems. CSC is one of three prime awardees to be tapped for the contract.

"CSC has extensive experience delivering technology as a service," vice president Hal Smith with CSC's North American Public Sector ISR Group said. "Delivery of Video as a Service is a natural extension of the CSC business model. We'll now apply this service delivery model to reliably and efficiently deliver intelligence on the battlefield."

The company is likely to have employees equipped with top secret clearance work on this contract, per the requirements of NISPOM.

CSC will fulfill the terms and conditions of the contract by receiving task orders so that it can fly land-based unmanned aerial systems aircraft to deliver streaming video from electro-optic and infrared cameras straight to military users.

Artel could add security cleared professionals under NISPOM

Merged Efforts to Enhance Bandwidth Communications

Government customers soon will have bandwidth communications created by two U.S. contractors, UPI reports.

An arm of Boeing and Artel are joining efforts to provide Inmarsat-3, -4 and -5 bandwidth. The two companies said they are working with prospective clients and users for issues germane to Ka-based solutions with satellite communications. Presently, Inmarsat-3 and -4 are available while -5, via a global satellite communication, is set to be available in 2013.

"Boeing's collaboration with Artel reflects our commitment to assisting commercial providers and government users with mutually beneficial access to space," chief executive officer Craig Conning with Boeing Satellite Systems International told the news source. "The demand for satellite communications continues to be greater than the supply and distribution relationships such as this one are a creative, affordable solution."

The companies' efforts are likely to include employees who have passed lifestyle polygraph tests and obtained security clearance, according to requirements compelled by NISPOM.

Derek Woods, president of Artel, said the company he serves has the golden opportunity to widen the scope of its work and serve customers to the U.S. government throughout the globe.

The Boeing division specializes in bandwidth for satellite systems while Artel's focus is telecommunications, network management and IT solutions.

Mercom won a Defense Department contract and in fulfilling it, the South Carolina company will have to abide by NISPOM requirements.

Mercom Tapped for Surveillance Contract

Mercom Corporation was on the receiving end of a contract award by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Atlantic to help with surveillance, reconnaissance and information services and awareness, The Charleston Regional Business Journal reports.

The U.S. Department of Defense announced the contract, which can run as high as $500 million for the company located on the Atlantic Coast of the Palmetto State, earlier this week, the publication reports.

Located in Pawleys Island, Mercom last year was tapped by the Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce as the Outstanding Small Business of the Year for 2011, according to the company.

"It is amazing that this organization has existed for 94 years and we are thrilled to be part of that continued legacy of success," president and chief executive officer Stella Mercado with Mercom Corporation said. "Nothing quite measures achievement like being honored by a council of your peers; we couldn’t be prouder.”

The opportunity won by Mercom likely opens opportunities for professionals with security clearance per the requirements mandated by NISPOM.

While most of the work will be performed at the Pawleys Island site, additional work will take place in other locations. The contract calls for the work to be completed by March of next year but options within the contract could extend through March 2017.

Northrop Grumman was awarded a $103 million contract to aid the Army National Guard.

Army National Guard Taps Northrop Grumman for $103 Million Contract

Northrop Grumman has been awarded a $103 million contract to support the Army National Guard, according to a published report.

Defense World reports that the contract was awarded by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the duration of the contract is three years, which includes one base year and two years considered options.

"We are extremely proud to have been selected to support the Army National Guard on this important program," Tom Vice, corporate vice president and president of Northrop Grumman Technical Services,' told the news source. "Northrop Grumman has more than 20 years of experience providing mission rehearsal training across multiple Department of Defense and joint programs and we look forward to assisting the National Guard in their mission."

Northrop Grumman will support bureau mission training complexes of the National Guard based in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; Camp Dodge, Iowa and Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania.

The contract is likely to create opportunities for defense jobs and intelligence jobs to be filled by people equipped with security clearance per the requirements of NISPOM.

A Northern Alabama Chamber of Commerce discussion for later this week will revolve around security issues.

NISPOM to Be Discussed at Alabama Roundtable

A roundtable discussion later this week in Northern Alabama is perfectly suited for those who adhere to regulations outlined by NISPOM, according to a published report.

The Huntsville Chamber of Commerce is set to kick off its March discussion on Thursday, which is called: "Export Controls for Security Professionals: the Intersection of NISPOM and ITAR," according to The event will circle around discussion about industrial security and arms regulations traffic.

"Compliance with these regulations is critical for business success and growth as failure to comply can result in serious penalties, including monetary fines, denial of export privileges, and/or loss of U.S. Government contracts," technology control officer Laura Forte with QinetiQ North America told the news source.

Forte, who has worked among international trade issues for more than 25 years, is slated to be a featured speaker. Her focus is U.S. Commerce, Treasury and State Department.

Forte also has been keenly involved with the management of transactions for both import and export purposes with custom requirements both domestic and international. She also is experienced with requirements for both transportation and logistic exports.

Lockheed Martin was tapped for a $66 million contract from the U.S. Army.

Lockheed Martin Captures $66 Million Contract from the U.S. Army

The U.S. Army tapped Lockheed Martin with a $66 million contract to assemble an Army Research Institute, according to a published report.

The six-year contract was issued by the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center to provide support for the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases Replacement Laboratory, Stocks and Shares reports. The contract requires transferring personnel and equipment to Fort Detrick, where a new facility has been inaugurated. The U.S. Army site is located in Central Maryland.

"Standing up a research environment is a complex undertaking requiring expertise in medical outfitting and transition," technical services vice president June Shrewsbury with Lockheed Martin Global Training and Logistics told the news source. "Our support will help researchers advance scientific discoveries that will protect Americans from infectious diseases."

The newly awarded contract for Lockheed Martin is likely to create professional opportunities for defense jobs that may be filled by personnel equipped with security clearance as required under NISPOM.

Fort Detrick has been serving missions to enhance the U.S.' national security since the 1940s in sectors including local industry, education and public health.